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Máy khắc Laser CO2 ( Phi kim loại)

Máy khắc Laser CO2 ( Phi kim loại)

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Mã sản phẩm TYG908


  • Long lifespan of laser source 20000-30000hours
  • High marking speed, effciency and precision
  • No consumable component, low cost and maintenance costs
  • High Beam Quality, can realize ultra-fine marking
  • With CE certification 
  • Anh dai dien
  • Applied Industries:

  • Food packaging, beverage packaging,
  •  pharmaceutical packaging, building ceramics,
  •  clothing textiles, leather, buttons, fabric cutting, 
  • wood, bamboo engraving, craft gifts, rubber products etc.
  • Parameter: 

  • Mode:TY-G908 
  • Brand:Taiyi       
  • Laser power:15W,30W,50W, 75W, 100W
  • Beam length: 10.64nm          
  • Laser:Co2 laser conduit        
  • Beam quality:  ≤ 2          
  • Marking depth:≤3mm adjustable         
  • Laser repeating frequency: 20KHz-100KHz       
  • Marking speed:≤7000mm/s       
  • Marking area: 110mm×110mm      
  • Min character: 0.2mm       
  • Repeat precision:±0.002mm       
  • Power consumption:≤800W       
  • Voltage:AC220 50Hz 5A       
  • Cooling: air cooling 
  • Laser working life:20000-30000h   
  • Optional marking range: 110mmx110mm/ 250mmx250 mm/300mmx300mm    
Co2 laser marking machine TY-G908 high precision, high speed, engraving depth can be controlled, air cooling system, can apply engraving and cutting on various non-metallic products, no consumables and low processing cost, long working life upto 20000-30000 hours, clear marks is not easy to wear and tear, engraving and cutting with high efficiency, environmentional and energy 
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