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Máy in, khắc Laser nút chai tự động

Máy in, khắc Laser nút chai tự động

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Mã sản phẩm TY-G908
Máy khắc, in laser tự động điều khiển lập trình PLC

     •Automatic Design, Save labour cost 
     •Double Laser head to finish marking at once. 
    •With Fumes Exhausting System on the Equipment
    •Long lifespan of laser source 20000-30000hours 
    •High marking speed, effciency and precision 
    •No consumable component, low cost and maintenance costs 
    •With CE certification

Chi tiết máy

Applied Industries:  
       •Wine corks, Wine Caps, Water bottle caps, Oil bottle caps 
       • Plastic caps, Wooden caps


      •Laser power:15W,30W,50W, 75W, 100W 
       •Beam length: 10.64nm           
      •Laser:Co2 laser conduit         
      •Beam quality: ㎡ ≤ 2           
      •Marking depth:≤3mm adjustable          
      •Laser repeating frequency: 20KHz-100KHz        
      •Marking speed:≤7000mm/s        
      •Marking area: 110mm×110mm       
      •Min character: 0.2mm        
      •Repeat precision:±0.002mm        
     •Power consumption:≤800W        
     •Voltage:AC220 50Hz 5A        
     •Cooling: air cooling  
      •Laser working life:20000-30000h    
     •Optional marking range: 110mmx110mm

        250mmx250 mm/300mmx300mm    

After-sale service

      • 1year warranty period for the machine (man-made damage is negotiable).

     • Laser producer 1 year warranty and working life 2W hours.

     • Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.

     • Free design of fixtures according to customer's requirment. 

     • Free training for operation staffs. (engineer can go abroad is negotiated.)

     • Free marking samples of customer provided.

Máy khắc, in laser tự động điều khiển lập trình PLC, tiết kiệm chi phí
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