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MMO Anode

MMO Anode

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Mixed Metal Oxide(MMO)Ribbon Anode     MMO
Chemical Composition of MMO ribbon anode is complying ASTM B-265 Grade 1, coated with IrO2 or Ta2O5.
Specification of MMO ribbon anode

Dimension 6.35mm x 0.635mm
Coil Length 152.4 meters
Coil Weight 2.8kg
Titanium Conductor Bars    钛导电带
Titanium conductor bars are usually adopted to protect above ground storage tank bottoms with MMO ribbon anodes and MMO mesh anodes for CP system.
Specification of Ti conductors bar
Material titanium
Standard ASTM B 265 Gr1
Width 6.35mm, 12.7mm,
Thickness 0.6mm,0.9mm
Standard coil length 76mtrs, 152.4 mtrs
Standard coil weight 3.9 kg, 7.8kg
Nominal Dimensions:
Width 10mm / 12.7mm / 19mm / 25.4mm
Coil length 76m
Actual anode surface per unit length of anode 0.032m2/m / 0.048m2/m / 0.064m2/m
Expanded thickness 1.30mm
Diamond dimensions 2.5mm×4.6mm×0.6mm
Shipping weight per coil 1.4kg / 1.78kg / 2.70kg / 3.56kg
Composition Titanium, Grade 1 per ASTM B265
Electrical resistivity 0.000056 ohm-cm(0.000022ohm-in)
Tensile strength 245 Mpa(35,000PSI)minimum
Yield strength 175Mpa(25,000PSI)minimum
Elongation 24%minimum
MMO Wire    MMO 
Composition Titanium, Grade 1 per ASTM B265
Coating Iridium
Diameter 1.6mm/3.2mm
Coil Length 76M /M

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