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Van An toàn Model A17

Van An toàn Model A17

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Mã sản phẩm A17

Name: Large flow safety valve A17

No.: A17


1.  Large diameter of the water inlet and outlet, the water flow will be large;

2.  The inlet and outlet is equipped with rubber gaskets to be convenience connected and fastness;

3. It is set up with traveling nut in the outlet connector, and the pipeline connection is convenient;

4. It can be manual decompression by turning the handle, it can be shocked effectively to drain the incrustation or grains of sand;

5. It is the one-way safety valve with suction function, to prevent the tank to be suck-back.

6.The components of the safety valve are completely isolated from the medium to avoid much problem caused by the medium;

7. It is isolated with rubber parts, with insulating effect, can prevent the freezing problem caused by low temperature .

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